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5 Tips To Give You Healthier Skin

Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is important but can be hard to maintain, especially during the rough winter temperatures. Following these five easy tips will help improve the quality of your skin and keep you away from that nasty dry texture.


1. Vitamin A – This is essential for preventing dry skin and will help fight the signs of aging. The best source of Vitamin A include dark greens (spinach or kale), eggs, milk, carrots, and pumpkin.


2. Zinc – An easy to obtain and cheap mineral that acts as a skin soother which can reduce acne and give smoother skin. Zinc reduces the oil production within your skin. You can purchase Zinc at local pharmacies or it can be found in shellfish, lean meat, fortified breakfast cereals, chickpeas, and nuts.


3. Tomatoes – UV protection is very important and should be part of your daily routine. Adding tomatoes to your daily diet will help reduce skin redness and cellular damage by sun exposure. The magic natural ingredient is called “lycopene” which is the pigment that makes tomatoes red – with the highest levels found in processed or cooked tomatoes.


4. Omega-3 – Fatty acids have a huge range of health benefits, including softening dry skin. Omega-3 acids help retain moisture and decrease wrinkles within your skin. The highest amount of Omega-3s can be found in fish (salmon, tuna, trout), flax, chia, hemp, cauliflower, and tahini.


5. Lots Of Sleep – Getting enough quality sleep and using an indoor cool-mist humidifier can help your skin stay healthy and smooth.

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