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8 Tips To Save Energy At Home

Save Energy

Upgrading your home to a more energy efficient living space is not only beneficial to yourself by saving money, but it also helps the environment as well. Looking at your high cost heating and electricity bills may motivate you to start a change within your house.


Remodeling requires some spending of your own money, but it is definitely well worth it for you and the planet. Here are ten ways you can save energy at home.


1. Insulation – The easiest and cheapest way to save energy is to insulate your house better. The roof is where most heat escapes, so this should be your main focus. The outside of your home can be insulated correctly by using caulk to seal cracks between sheathing, doors, and windows. Do the same inside by filling in gaps around windows, doors, ducts, floors, etc.


2. Ventilation – Make sure your rooms are well ventilated to regulate temperature. Check to make sure your windows and ceiling fans work properly to help draw heat out.


3. Tankless Water Heaters – Replace your bulky water heater with a smaller tankless one that requires less room and will use less electricity.


4. Upgrade Appliances – Energy Star appliances are approved to be energy efficient and can save you money every month on your electricity bill.


5. Placement Of Windows – If you are able to remodel and change your location of windows, choose the sun-facing side of the house so that you can take advantage of the free energy. Skylights are also a great way to let in natural light and save money on your heating/electricity bill.


6. Roofing – Choosing light colored shingles will provide you with the optimal energy savings. Dark colors absorb heat, so the light shingles will help keep your house cool during the summer time.


7. Fireplaces – Using a fireplace to generate heat within your house is a great way to stay warm without using any electricity.

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